Jon’s Virtual 1-Pager

Spend 4m37s with me and the team from EventMobi for a full overview of my fun, practical, team-building "comedy for sales" training & workshop:

“Jokes? I’m struggling to drag my sales team across the goal line, and this guy wants to help my team write JOKES??? What th…?!?! What’s he THINKING???” - Stodgy sales leaders I speak with.

I’m thinking about:

  • Shrinking prospect attention spans;

  • The hundreds of vendors competing with your reps for them;

  • The dehumanization of prospects (thanks, sales tech & automation!);

  • AEs & SDRs who struggle to break the ice with prospects;

  • Their lack of confidence when speaking (with their voices);

  • Lack of relatability. They have a job selling solutions they’ve never used to people whose jobs they’ve never had, in industries they’ve never worked;

  • Boring sales messaging that’s meaningless to anyone but the people who slapped it together;

  • Low pipeline growth (as a result of all of the above);

  • Job dissatisfaction;

  • High turnover costs ;

  • Engaging, fun sales training;

  • Early, long, permanent vacations for sales leaders.

One good joke that prospects relate to can impact ALL of these. “Funny: You Should Say That!is part crash course in comedy writing, and part sales training.

The objective of the team-building workshop is for reps to collaboratively craft jokes which SDRs, AEs, & CS can make part of their talk track or cold outreach to show an understanding of customer pain (aka “memorable empathy”), handle objections, and paint pictures about how you solve problems.

This 4m37s video gives a full overview of my time with software company EventMobi, the jokes that came out of the workshop, and a testimonial from their CEO. I’m hoping it saves you the stress of searching for something unique and practical for your next sales meeting, kickoff, team-building event club, or retreat (I LOVE relaxing settings!).

Session Benefits

  • It sneakily reinforces existing sales messaging, questions your reps need to ask, and gets them exploring your prospect’s pain & challenges;

  • Gets reps working in teams to collaboratively craft humor meant to showcase understanding of prospect pain & challenge;

  • Reps leave their comfort zone to deliver jokes to their peers via an "open-mic";

  • Jokes that get laughs can then be used by all reps when selling, for cold calls, cold-emails, and social selling.

  • Strengthens team dynamics;

  • Stimulates creative thinking;

  • Builds confidence;  

  • Makes your reps think about how they can be more authentic & human;

  • Helps reps to become more engaging.

References: Microsoft CanadaGeorgia-PacificZohoEventMobiSmartprintValueSelling Associates, Form AssemblyCM LabsThe DMZJEDI, and more. Head to the rest of this site to see videos, reference customers & quotes.