Welcome to my Hidden, Secret Explainer Page!

Spend 4m37s with me and the team from EventMobi for a full overview of my fun, practical, team-building "comedy for sales" training & workshop:

My fun, practical, team-building training & workshop is part sales training & part comedy-writing class. I show SDRs, AEs, & CS humor's impact on sellinghow jokes work, how to craft jokes that will connect with prospects, and what they can learn from stand-up comedians. 

This 4m37s video gives a full overview of my time with software company EventMobi, jokes that came out of the workshop, and a testimonial from their CEO. I’m hoping it saves you the stress of searching for something unique and practical for your next sales meeting, kickoff, team-building event club, or retreat (I LOVE relaxing settings!).

Session Benefits

  • It sneakily reinforces existing sales messaging, questions your reps need to ask, and gets them exploring your prospect’s pain & challenges;

  • Gets reps working in teams to collaboratively craft humor meant to showcase understanding of prospect pain & challenge;

  • Reps leave their comfort zone to deliver jokes to their peers via an "open-mic";

  • Jokes that get laughs can then be used by all reps when selling. 

  • Strengthens team dynamics;

  • Stimulates creative thinking;

  • Builds confidence;  

  • Makes your reps think about how they can be more authentic & human;

  • Boosts confidence;

  • Helps reps to become more engaging.

References: Microsoft CanadaGeorgia-PacificZohoEventMobiSmartprintForm AssemblyCM LabsThe DMZJEDI, and more. Visible part of this website has videos, reference customers & quotes.