Jon Hates Sales

(But Loves Sales Experts!)

Jon networks in Chicago with networking specialist David J.P. Fisher to talk about jazz, networking, and topical stuff like 1920's mobsters.

What do you do when you see a LinkedIn connection at Tenbound, The Sales Development Conference? You corner them into having a conversation on camera. At least that's what Jon did when he met up with Scott Barker from Saleshacker &!

Locals make the best tourguides, especially when Jon needs breakfast. He meets up in Atlanta with SDR manager Chris Fago. If you watch this video, you'll realize that "rich" doesn't describe what being an SDR will make you.

Jon's in Orlando, speaking in the third person. He's surprised at a local cafe by "The Copier Warrior", Dale Dupree who recognized him from "The Internet". Part 1 of 3!

Part 2 of 3 sees "The Copier Warrior" Dale Dupree abduct Jon, and deliver him to a super-secret sandwich store to prove Orlando's got way more than cartoon characters which Jon can't stand.

In this final installment, "The Copier Warrior" Dale Dupree shares some specific tactics which helped him succeed at prospecting (the lifeblood of any sales rep), line up loads of meetings, and shares a cool acronym!