I spoke at 2018's AA-ISP Leadership Summit, in Chicago (April 2018)! Part 1 of 3 delivers my general run-down of this extraordinary sales , and where I show how humility goes a long way in sales. It's your call if you want to reveal stuff as embarrassing as my admission.

I presented on "Humor's Impact on Sales" at the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AAISP) annual Leadership Summit. Our objective for the last 10 minutes, was for the attendees to collaboratively wrote a joke - about....NO CLUE! I polled conference attendees to get some ideas. This video wraps up with an attendee delivering the final product to the audience! I'd love to help your team dive way deeper and turn your prospect's pain into laughter that's an admission of the problem.

I met tons of cool folks at the 2018 AAISP Summit. Rather than me blather about each one to you, check this video to glean some ridiculousness about the world of sales.