"Funny: You Should Say That!" is a training & team-building workshop for sales teams where I show: 

  • Humor's impact on prospects;

  • What salespeople can learn from stand-up comics; 

  • How jokes work & why we laugh at things;

  • How to re-frame prospect pain into funny, relatable messaging; 

The headlining act is the team-building portion where reps break out in teams to collaboratively craft jokes about their prospects' pains & challenge and their own value.  Reps will stand up in front of their peers, and deliver their new jokes. If any get laughs - it's for everyone to use when selling. 

I show how to relate with empathy, and build rapport. It's great for a kickoff, QBR, day of training, or customer success event. 


My training & workshop:

  • Can lead to the creation of jokes to win prospects’ attention, kick off new conversations and facilitate better ones.

  • Gets sales reps thinking about questions they need to be asking;

  • Helps your reps re-invent & re-imagine key messaging;

  • Improved people skills to reps being LIKED;

  • Helps build stronger relationships;

  • Enhances team-building;

  • Boosts confidence;

  • Stimulates creativity;

"What's the ROI of This???"

Honestly - no clue. The question itself underscores the limited humanity left in today's selling. Reps' & SDRs' every activity is measured & tracked, and this encourages many to focus on hitting metrics instead of forging connections with prospects, in order to generate revenue. Prospects smell the urgency - and are turned off by it. No one's ever tracked the ROI of improved personalities, being human, and making prospects smile but we do know that people like people who make them laugh. 

Of course, if you're all about improving conversions, I can help you craft funny cold-call scripts, and THEN we can track results & ROI. 


Sounds fun! Where does this fit?

This session works great at:

  • Sales Kickoffs

  • QBRs

  • Team-building events

  • Retreats

  • Customer appreciation events

  • Marketing event (especially if you sell to sales teams!)

  • Any time you want - my remote workshop can be tailored to your schedule.