Jon Onsite: Workshops


Re-Frame prospect pain, get laughs, start more conversations

Like stand-up comics, salespeople have audiences - their prospects & clients.

ONE hyper-specific joke can help a rep start a conversation or have a better one. Carefully crafted humor that makes your prospects laugh in a repeatable, predictable fashion can make critical points to prospects or drop truthbombs on them.

The best part about such humor? It can be shared, and scaled across your team for maximum impact.

My opener “This call (or email or request to connect) is like a craft beer: unique, refreshing, and ice cold” (take it, it’s yours!) has helped me connect with over 2,700 people on LinkedIn, countless phone conversations and ultimately booked gigs for myself.

“Funny Enough" is a training & team-building workshop for sales teams where I discuss & share: 

  • Why humor impacts your prospects;

  • What salespeople can learn from stand-up comics; 

  • How jokes work & why we laugh at things;

  • How to re-frame prospect pain into funny, relatable messaging; 

The headlining act is the team-building breakout session that’s part sales training, part comedy writing class. Reps collaboratively craft jokes about their prospects' pains & challenge, their own value, and more. It wraps up with reps delivering their jokes to their peers. If a joke gets laughs - it's for everyone to use when engaging prospects via:

  • Cold calls

  • Cold emails

  • LinkedIn connection requests.

  • Video engagement



My onsite workshop is ideal for a sales kickoff, QBR, day of training, team-building event, or customer success event.

I offer half, full, and 2-day versions.


• Live events offer a certain excitement & energy which remote sessions can’t.

• The “Open Mic” finale gets reps out of their comfort zones, and shows the benefits of why practicing delivery of messaging is so key.

• Awesome team-building happens.

• Reps are able to inspire each other to new levels of creativity.

• I’m able to coach multiple breakout groups.

• Reps learn from each other, and from the other groups.

• I bake stand-up into my session, which keeps reps engaged.

• “Open Mic” gets reps out of their comfort zone.

• It’s fun. Period.




A hybrid workshop can be kicked off onsite or remotely. We can either:

1) Get the whole team involved at an onsite, and move over to a remote model with a select few.

2) Go through several steps remotely, and put our work to bed at an onsite.



Having a sales meeting with larger groups with a shorter open window? I have something your team will love. Get in touch, and let’s discuss.



Great jokes aren’t always created in a short window of time. Through the magic of web technology, I’ll deliver my onsite methodology over five 1-hour sessions to as few as 3 minimum to as many of your team members as you see fit. Students have time to think about things, and let ideas breathe.


This approach offers:

• The potential to craft more impactful, attention-getting final results.

• Flexibility.

• Cost-savings.

• Team-building.

• Enhanced creativity.

• More hands-on coaching (and comedic mentoring) from yours truly.

Get in touch if you’re looking at a new, unorthodox way to get your rep starting more & having better conversations.

Who can benefit? SDRs, AEs, CS, Pre-sales.