Second opinion

Join Sales Swami Jon Selig at Outreach's 2019 Unleash Conference as he bestows brilliance on impressionable young sales professionals - who doubt his every word.

A word from Jon: Unsure if you’re aware, but my knowledge of all things sales is unparalleled. Closing, opening, enablement, missing quota – I know it all. Not only should I be keynoting all sales conferences, but I encourage conference planners to invest in cloning technology, so I can simultaneously run every breakout session. ROI for planners & attendees will be astronomical. The other so-called sales “experts” should hit a President’s Club (unless my clones have been hired). I normally bill myself out at incalculable rates.

But whilst at Outreach's Unleash conference, I performed on-camera acts of kindness as the “Santa Claus of Sales”. What's the point of doing good, if the world can't marvel at your brilliance and generosity? I gave young salespeople gifts to get them through that year-long celebratory season called “The Fiscal Year”. I doled out wisdom the way Outreach does cozy sweatshirts.

Unfortunately much of it was incomprehensible. I didn’t want young, impressionable salespeople who met me feeling poorly about themselves, so I solicited alternative advice from some of the aforementioned sales "experts”, let my disciples decide for themselves. With that, please enjoy E1 of “Second Opinion", where Louis Gideon inquires, @Rob Jeppsen rebuffs.