Salespeople have a lot in common with stand-up comics!  I weave my stand-up with practical insight to demonstrate how/why/when/where to use humor effectively when presenting/selling, the impact it can have, as well as why stuff makes us laugh. My objective is to demonstrate how & why humor helps to better connect, engage, and influence. Follow it up with my workshop for maximum value.


Once we've wrapped up my training session, we'll collaboratively tackle writing jokes specifically for your sales efforts. I lead your team through the process of crafting tasteful, relatable jokes specifically to make your prospects laugh. The process of joke writing & delivery enhances your team's creative thinking, confidence, team-building, presentation skills, helps them re-think their messaging and leaves them with some concrete steps to making prospects & audiences laugh, and increase likeability. Full disclaimer: I cannot operate screwdrivers or wrenches. 

It's all great for an upcoming kickoff/QBR/day of training/retreat (I love relaxing settings!) or a customer appreciation or marketing event.