Funny: you Should watch That!

Enjoy some client success stories & Other Fun stuff

I spoke on "Humor's Impact on Sales" at the 2018 AAISP (American Association of Inside Sales Professionals) Leadership Summit. To close down the session, I led the attendees through a collaborative joke writing exercise on a topic suggested by conference attendees:

I spoke at 2018's AA-ISP Leadership Summit, in Chicago (April 2018)! Part 1 of 3 delivers my general run-down of this extraordinary sales , and where I show how humility goes a long way in sales. It's your call if you want to reveal stuff as embarrassing as my admission.

This is your starting point to understand my training & workshop. It features footage and references from my clients CM Labs, Proforce Personnel, and The DMZ at Ryerson University. The day this "sizzler" reel was posted, YouTube was forever changed! 

Zoho's Chicago & Boston marketing events have passed, but the reference from Zoho's sales managers - on why "Funny: You Should Say That!" is beneficial for sales teams - is forever. This was created to promote some Zoho marketing events from June 2018.

Planning a Sales Kickoff? I recently hosted a talk show. In a park. In freezing cold, Montreal autumn weather - where I share the best reasons to bring me in to deliver my 'comedy for salespeople' training & workshop. 

Concordia University's District 3's early-stage startup founders checked out my session, and we crafted a joke about what it's like to be a startup-founder in TEN minutes. Mathieu Gagnon, Founder of PivoHub (and dance enthusiast) stepped up to the tap to pour us a tall, frosty glass of funny.  

Some topics are delicate - and mental health is no exception. I worked with former Aifred CEO Abhishek Gupta to craft a clever, fun joke that helps explain their solution, which uses AI to make better mental health treatment decisions. 





People ask what qualifies me to do what I do.  In this short stand-up clip (filmed at my weekly stand-up showcase Comedy Abroad), I share my qualifications.


Montreal is an AI hub. I worked with the team at Erudite AI to find some funny in what they do and the challenges they address.

For my debut episode, our special "substitute" guest is social selling expert David JP. Fisher aka "D-Fish". He was a fill-in for a guest booking gone awry. Join us at Chicago's Green Mill Cocktail Lounge for an informal chat and an awesome Hammond organist.