“My 12 years in sales was a well-paid internship for my career in stand-up comedy”

I Help salespeople craft humor for better conversations

challenge: Connecting with Prospects

Your prospects & customers are extremely distracted. Sales reps are competing with devices, notifications, job demands, stresses, and artisinal sandwiches - not to mention hundreds of other vendors vying for their attention.

Most sales reps are selling a solution they’ve never actually used, to people’s jobs they’ve never had, in industries they’ve never worked in, making it hard for them to relate, and make genuine connections.

Enjoy this video from my time with Toronto events SaaS platform EventMobi. Together, we crafted some jokes specific to prospect pain & challenge, how they solve those problems, which drew some reaction from the team. Plus, EventMobi CEO Bob Vaez delivers a testimonial!

Solution: Roast Their Pain

Making prospects laugh (on a cold call, scheduled phone meeting, LinkedIn, email, or face-to-face meeting) helps sales reps to relate, show empathy, and build likeability - all of which starts conversations or keeps them flowing.

My fun, practical, team-building training & workshop shows your team humor's impact on prospectswhat they can learn from stand-up comedians, and how jokes work.

It's followed by a team-building, breakout session where reps collaboratively craft humor to roast pains they can solve for prospects, and punch-up core sales messaging. It all ends with an "open mic" where your team stands, delivers, and either kills or bombs (with their jokes, not their quotas).

Benefits: Sneakily re-enforces sales messaging, strengthens team dynamics, stimulates creative thinking & builds confidence. 

Desired Outcomes

ONE funny, repeatable line can demonstrate empathy for prospect pain & goals, and drastically impact conversation quality. Making a prospect laugh makes reps memorable. If even a fraction of your reps can do it effectively, you’ll see an uptick in things like meetings booked, talk time, engagement, quality of discussions, email open rates, and more.

Objection: “You can’t teach funny!”

Poppycock! Your reps can learn to deliver a crafted joke much the same way they can learn to deliver anything else you train them to (unless they’re soulless corporate robots whose lives are deprived of joy, in which case - I cannot help). Like anything, it takes a bit of effort and practice. The best part is they don’t need a 45 minute headlining set to be effective.

I leverage my 12 years in sales & 7 performing stand-up comedy to help your team better understand prospect challenges, and craft relatable humor to enable better connections. I do this via a training & workshop or remote coaching & consulting. I'd love to be part of your an upcoming kickoff/QBR/day of training/retreat (I love relaxing settings!), customer appreciation or marketing event. 


Ever get random people requesting to connect, without letting you know WHY they want to? Ever accept them, and then engage them in conversation - and they STILL don't talk to you? Of course you have, which is why you may appreciate this video ➪