Delivering takeaways for go-to-market teams more serious than...

...a sit-down with your board.

Trainings, workshops and  go-to-market consulting that give your team:

…delivered in a way that’s fun, memorable, and gets results.

Humor breaks the ice and starts conversations.
But this isn’t about the jokes.

Which does your team need?


Memorable, relevant messaging

Better live events

Onboarding & Everboarding

A comedian's process will help your team master and better express:

a) what problems you solve
b) for who, and
c) costs of inaction... clear, simple, and confident English.

Success Story

Reduced ramp time

TrustArc's CRO attested that new sales hires were quickly able to express what problems they solved, for who and in simple English, before they started on the job.

Team attained 103% of quota. The ASP on new business increased 92% in the quarter post-workshop.


Pipeline generation needs to break through the noise AND be hyper-relevant.

The right humor earns attention, paints powerful pictures and can be repurposed for 15-20 channels & touchpoints.

Success Story

Revenue from cold email

TrustArc generated net new revenue using cold emails anchored by bespoke icebreakers.

Trade Show Presence

Quality conversations - not scanned badges - make trade show spend worthwhile.

Most over look having a meaningful plan to drive more traffic and start better conversations.

Success Story

Trade show engagement

Powerchord generated $160K in net new revenue from convos started at trade shows using funny, hyper-relevant icebreakers I crafted for them — in just 2 months.

Sales Meetings,
Client & Partner Events

Your meetings or events should not be only one-way conversations

Provide attendees engaging content that's relevant, fun, team-building, informative and filled with takeaways.

Success Story

Align, entertain, educate

a 97-second explainer

The right kind of humor is connecting tissue between buyer and seller.

The process of crafting it delivers:

Companies I've worked with:

Most sales pros sell stuff they've never people whose jobs they've never industries they've never worked.

This leads to:

I help sellers & marketers craft & communicate key ideas in a way that buyers understand and remember.

I share a framework that gives sellers and marketers:

A deeper understanding of your target buyer

Each prospect is a "micro-audience". We’ll map out who your ideal buyer is, what they’re trying to achieve, how they’re measured, and what impacts their emotions.​

Deeper insight into problems you solve for them

Great salespeople need to be part therapist, part business consultant. We’ll thoroughly unpack the problems you solve for your buyers and detail how your solutions impact them, their stakeholders, and their emotions.

Memorable messaging & an approach to start more, have easier conversations

Once we have enhanced insight into our buyer and the problems we solve for them, we'll undertake a creative process to transform it into messaging that roasts your prospect’s pain, gets them saying “that’s funny because it’s true”, and explore ways to repurpose & exploit the message.

This is NOT:

About making sales reps funny

Our objective isn't to turn your team into a wisecracking pack of Seinfelds.

This is about using a process comedy writers' use as a vehicle for sales enablement, and using and the byproduct of our efforts to help sellers earn more attention, build more trust.

An improv workshop

Improv is about creating unscripted moments that cannot be re-created.

This is about creating more recreateable moments that sellers

A sales methodology

This is a complement to your current sales methodology - not a substitute for it.

No methodology can overcome poor business acumen and the inability to start and have meaningful conversations with prospects.

This process prepares reps to have both.

Powerchord struggled to:


Need examples of bespoke, memorable messaging?

I'm interested in:

Video tells the story

Not getting this?  Watch all the concepts explained in real (or animated) life.

My full explainer video, starring Eventmobi.
My one-minute animated explainer video.
Planning a Sales Kickoff or QBR? Check this.

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