Stop scanning meaningless badges!

Start having meaningful conversations

Start more & have better
conversations at your booth.

Provoke meaningful conversations about your prospects’ pain – by making them laugh about it.

But how?

With impactful, relevant icebreakers.

Team up with colleagues.

Collaborate with creative and smart colleagues. 

I’ll guide you through a step-by-step process to achieve this!

"Wanna hear a joke about...

...winning at trade shows?"

(watch the video below!)


Trade show marketers spend on the exhibit, the shipping, labor, swag, and travel for team members, and overlook a plan to engage attendees so they can book more meetings.


Learn how to craft hyper-relevant humor that shines a light on the challenges you solve for attendees, and use it to break the ice and spark meaningful conversations that convert.

“Comedy writing is collaborative, in the same way that tug-of-war is collaborative. It’s not that one person can’t do it; it’s just that [several] do it better and more easily.”


What You’ll Do

Team Members will Collaboratively:

Build out full portraits of your key buyer personas including:

  • Their role
  • Their desired end-state
  • Their most common struggles
  • How they’re measured
  • What success and failure look like
  • Their emotional trigger points

Dig deeper into the problems you solve

  • The impacts of not solving them
  • Which other stakeholders are affected

What You’ll Get

  • A seat for your company in a live cohort
  • A step-by-step process to transform all that stuff above into openers that roast your buyer’s pain
  • Icebreakers for booth engagement, cold outreach, and beyond.
  • Peer learning & collaboration
  • A deeper understanding of your buyers and why your company matters to them
  • An opportunity to exercise creative muscles
  • New ways to improve your phrasing and expression…
  • …and finally break free from the evil Buzz Wordington
  • Alignment & consensus

12 Outcomes from Crafting Humor as a Group

The process of writing and testing jokes forces us to:

1) Define who our audience is

2) Articulate why we matter to them

3) Understand their goals & emotions

4) Break down why & how our offerings can affect them

5) Write/express ourselves around them

6) Master language (and ditch jibberish-y buzzwords)

7) Rephrase them

8) Break-down concepts

9) Present/speak in public

10) Get creative

11) Loosen up

12) Create memorable ways to connect with your prospects.

Add-On Options:

Jon Writes Jokes

I’ll write 10-15 jokes to illuminate up to 1 specific points you want to impress upon your prospects.

If you prefer this to doing it yourself, visit my Humor-as-a-Service offer. 

Playbook Creation

I’ll adapt up to 5 jokes for cold emails, LinkedIn connection requests, voicemail/video & cold calls (where applicable).

Share the playbook with your entire team.



I’ll walk your entire team through the playbook, and teaching them how to deploy it.

We’ll role play, practice, and fail publicly – so reps can succeed IRL.

Other reasons to register

Make Cold Outreach stand-out

Cold outreach needs to:

– Speak to your buyer’s needs and objectives
– Stand-out from the ho-hum
– Elicit an emotional reaction from them.

Upskill top performers

A-Players want to keep growing. Give them another arrow for their quiver.

Onboard new team members

After this, your new SDRs, AEs, marketers and CSRs will be able to quickly articulate what problems you solve and for who – in simple English.

Align leadership

Early-stage management isn’t always on the same page about who their solution is best-suited to help and why. Consider this couples therapy for leadership.


  • This course is open to multiple companies (max 5/cohort)
  • You will work only with your colleagues (using Zoom breakout rooms) to accomplish your company’s objectives
  • Companies can register multiple groups/registrants
  • Jon facilitates pre-work over a 1 hour private session for each registrant group
  • Classes consist of Four two-hour sessions (4 x 2hr)
  • Upon completion, Jon will “Punch-Up” and edit each group’s jokes
  • Add-Ons can be tacked on for a more robust final deliverable

How ONE joke can open door after door...

Upcoming Workshops:


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