Use Cases

Unsure why you should engage someone who’s half salesguy, half stand-up, all parental disappointment?

There’s five good reasons. Take your pick or more than one.

Onboarding new reps and boosting business acumen

Consider: Most sales pros sell stuff they’ve never used, to people whose jobs they’ve never had, in industries they’ve never worked, making it hard to relate and earn trust.

Fun fact: The goal of a training and workshop isn’t to transform your reps into a pack of Seinfelds.

If they assemble a quality, impactful bit of humor that will help them stand-out with prospects – fantastic.

But the real value’s in the process they’ll undertake to assemble it. 

The mission of crafting creative messaging that shines a light on pains your organization eliminates for prospects, forces team members to master everything around:

  • Your audience (i.e. your “target persona” or “avatar”)
  • The pains you eliminate for your target persona
  • How those pains and the cost of in action impact your target persona and key stakeholders. 
  • How they prevent your target persona from meeting professional and organizational objectives.  
  • Which emotions are triggered by all of the above and why.


By the time team members complete the process, they’ll be able to better articulate what problems you solve for who – in simple English. 

The comfort they’ll gain will give them receive a confidence boost enabling them to have easier, more meaningful conversations

The only thing colder than your outreach... the shoulder prospects give it.

Prospecting & Cold Outreach

Sadly, most cold outreach is more templated than a CEO’s post-layoff apology, and your prospects recognize and reject it.

You need hooks that shine a light on the problems your organization can eliminate for your prospects…

…and they need to be crafted trigger emotions and be memorable. 

From the first moment they speak into a microphone, comedians have mere seconds to be relevant and get a laugh. 

If they do, they earn more audience attention.

The same goes for your prospecting efforts. The opening line in you outreach has to:

1) say something relevant & impactful to your target persona 2) earn their attention, 3) elicit an emotional reaction and 4) provoke a response – all in mere seconds.

The right opener is relevant, funny, tasteful, cuts through the noice, breaks the ice, demonstrates credibility  and earns trust & attention – all in one-fell swoop.

My workshops will harness your team’s collective insight, knowledge, and creativity to craft memorable hooks.

I can even help adapt & repurpose the best ones for use across multiple outbound and social channels and even coach your team on how to exploit them, so they can start more conversations with prospects…

…and less with your leadership.

The only thing colder than your outreach... the shoulder prospects give it.

Trade Show Engagement

When prospects approach a booth of a company they’ve never heard of at a trade show, staff have mere seconds to educate visitors as to their company’s “why”. 

Yet many hope and pray that their bland, buzzword-laden pitches tell the story – which they can’t.

Companies often invest in:

  • The trade show booth
  • The booth display 
  • Printed collateral
  • A giveaway prize
  • Transport feels for all of the above
  • Flying, housing, and feeding staff…
…only to not prep staff to properly engage prospects.

The right opener helps booth staff engage, stand-out, be relevant, break the ice, and have easier, more meaningful conversations.

Powerchord is a SMB SaaS company, who generated $160K in net new revenue (in 2 months) from convos started at trade shows using funny, hyper-relevant icebreakers I crafted for them.  Watch CRO John Crosby’s testimonial

Include hyper-relevant humor that sparks real conversations in your booth engagement:

Team building &

Boring sales meeting agendas

Bringing team members together for an onsite (or virtual) meeting and not having them:

  • Share tribal knowledge with each other
  • Get creative
  • Align with one another
  • Learn new skills
  • Get out of their comfort zone
  • Laugh
  • Have some fun… 


…is a missed opportunity.

Learning & development happen when it’s experiential and fun.

Combine an entertaining, insightful, user-friendly keynote from a guy who’s met quotas of sales and laughs…

…with a team-building workshop that gets your team sharing tribal knowledge, and learning a creative, practical approach to engaging prospects.

Add in some post-onsite coaching hours to help reps deploy their learnings for maximum impact.


The only thing colder than your outreach... the shoulder prospects give it.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

“This call/email/Linkedin connection request’s colder than the relationship between sales and marketing” 

That joke crushes when I use it to prospect sale and marketing leaders because it highlights the silos that the work in.

The two need to work in tandem to grow revenue, but often operate like competing interests.

My workshops force sellers and marketers to join forces and share their knowledge, insight, perspective, and creativity with one another, and get on the same page.



The only thing colder than your outreach... the shoulder prospects give it.