Humor-as-a-Service is a multi-pain-in-the-ass-removing platform (aka consulting) that yields bespoke, messaging to memorably illuminate key points you want to impress upon your target persona(s).

Your go-to-market efforts need relevant, memorable hooks that memorably impress powerful business points upon your prospects.

To accomplish this, I'll put on my consultant - and creative - hat to:

PowerChord CRO John Crosby was seeking new ways for his team to connect at trade shows, and through cold outreach:

Why do this?

Workshops may not be right for you, but your messaging is buzzword salad. It’s also hard to generate fresh, memorable messaging for outbound, social media, or marketing content  that showcases in-depth understanding of your prospect and their challenges.

The process:

Step 1: Scope & Discovery

Choose an audience you want to reach & 3 points you want to impress upon them.

I'll run a deep-dive around who your audience is and why they should care about you, by interviewing key internal stakeholders.

Step 2: Craft & Deliver

I'll craft 20-30 jokes (short-form humor) that highlight the points you wish to make.

I'll run them by you (and/or your team).

You'll choose 6. Head over to the next step to learn what we'll do with 'em.

Step 3: Playbook & Coaching

The 6 jokes are adapted for various sales channels (cold calls, cold emails, LinkedIn connection requests, social selling approaches, demos, discovery, etc.) or marketing purposes (social media, content ideas, etc), delivered in a playbook, to be distributed to your entire team.

You'll have 6 new emails for sequences.

Toss in 2 hours of coaching, to help your reps get their feet wet with delivery.

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