About Jon Selig

“My 12 years in sales was a well-paid internship for my career in stand-up comedy.”

Jon received his BComm & MBA, and spent time in business process consulting, followed by a 12 year career selling ERP, business intelligence, and professional services (for both Oracle & an Oracle partner – he still can’t tell you what a database is).

In 2011, his career took a sharp left-turn and he started performing stand-up comedy in hopes of fulfilling his lifelong dream – of never selling technology again.

Jon found the parallels between sales and stand-up to be so striking, he felt sellers could benefit from the skills, methods, and processes that both practitioners share.

After years of performing at clubs, festivals, and forecast meetings, he created Comedy Writing for Revenue Team.

To date, he’s spoken to and worked with teams at Broadcom, TrustArc, PowerChord, Canon USA, Citrix, Zoho, Philips Healthcare, InfoBlox, Microsoft Canada, Fleetcor Technologies, and more.