The "Cold Openers" Workshop!

Build persona/pain-based icebreakers AND team cohesion!

This team-building workshop will get your team collaboratively crafting opening icebreakers for cold outreach that:
  • Follow the format: “This call/email is colder than ______”.
  • Lets the prospect know the outreach is unsolicited
  • Highlights a specific problem you can eliminate
  • Gets prospects smiling or laughing (or at least respecting the attempt made – in  5-10 seconds.
  • Makes colleagues laugh – or not – at the closing “open mic”.
  • This workshop can be virtual or onsite.

What can ONE Cold Opener do?

Consider: Not-famous stand-up comedians are like prospectors/SDRS...

1) Both are unknown to their audience 2) have six seconds to say something relevant to them  & 3) another six to elicit an emotional reaction from them.

And? So what?

Prospectors can use a comedian’s approach to start more conversations.

Thankfully, the word “cold” can be used to create beautiful humor which can highlight challenges you solve for your prospects.

For example, if was cold emailing CROs around how I help with problems like poor sales & marketing alignment, call reluctance, or weak pipelines, I’d say:

“This email is colder than the relationship between sales and marketing.”

“This email’s colder than a SDR’s feet their first day dialling.”

“This email’s colder than a poorly-performing SDR manager’s sweat in pipeline review”

Through this 90-120 minute workshop your team will get:

A unique keynote
I'll share:

  • What sales people can learn from awful stand-up comedians.
  • How humor impacts your prospects.
  • How humor can be used highlight your relevance to your prospects’ objectives.
  • Funny stuff.

A team-building process to craft hyper-relevant icebreakers

After my keynote, I'll MC a comedy show where a handful of your team members deliver bespoke humor that highlights key business points you wish to impress upon your prospects. I'll close it down by delivering some of my own.

Post-workshop coaching

I'll edit everyone's icebreakers, and deliver 4 hours of coaching where prospectors will practice delivery through role-plays & share other ways to exploit these one-liners for to spark more conversations with prospects.

Why Do This?

Reps struggle to earn attention in cold outreach

Your reps need hooks/icebreakers to help them:
  • Stand out.
  • Show prospects you understand their pain – fast. Like, “5-10 seconds” fast.
  • Elicit emotional reactions from prospects.

Reps struggle to be relevant

Your cold  outreach doesn’t:
  • Speak to your buyer’s needs and objectives.
  • Highlight problems you solve (or aspects of them).
  • Highlight your hyper-specific relevance.

You want a team-building event

You want a fun, team-building activity that doesn’t take up more than 90-120 minutes

To learn a creative framework and approach

This is an intro to joke-writing for prospects. Once reps learn the structure, they can apply it to messaging for other parts of their sales motion.

Record and store your openers in SalesHood

Have your team record their delivery and openers in SalesHood, so the rest of your team can learn from each other’s creativity and personality.

A coaching program to reinforce

We’ll schedule 4 hours for role playing,  practice,  success stories, and blitzes.


Benefits on Net New Revenue

Check TrustArc CRO Jason Wesbecher sharing: 1) The various ways his “New Business” team benefitted from “Comedy Writing for Revenue Teams” 2) Results it had on net new revenue.


Have a watch of this clip featuring sales pros who have gone through my full training & workshop or who’ve caught me speaking at a conference or networking event.