Together, we can save your company an incalculable sum of money.

How? One day, they may be bandying about the idea of hiring me for a keynote.

However – if enough of you listen to me on Rob Jeppsen’s Sales Leadership Podcast, you can tell your leadership “I already know what he’s gonna say”. You’ll save them my fee PLUS lord knows much value you’ll get out of it.

They can then book an astronaut, a marathon runner, or a dog that’s a star on IG instead of me (some of them really understand modern sales)!

I met Rob at the 2018 AAISP leadership summit when “Comedy Writing for Revenue Teams” was so new, it didn’t even really have a name. He saw me present, and intro’d himself to me afterwards, and complimented me on my message. He recently invited me on to yak on his podcast, where I covered most of my bases, including:


Have a listen and enjoy!

My new my monthly live class, “The Writers’ Room” helps handfuls of colleagues find new ways for their entire team stand-out and be memorable.

If your team needs memorable openers for cold outreach & demos, b) a process to create some, or c) some new team members need a process that will  get them explaining what problems you solve for who in really simple English, team up with a small group colleagues and get my full training & workshop (classes start first Wednesday of every month).

Have questions? Let’s talk it out.