In prospecting or marketing efforts, you don’t need to be a stand-up comedian, gut-bustingly hilarious, an alpha clown, or spur-of-the-moment funny.

But if someone takes your cold call, opens your cold email or checks your LinkedIn connection request, you need to give them reasons to keep giving you their attention.

Which is why you just need to be *funny enough* (which was actually what I was going to call my training & workshops until I realized no one would be able to ascertain anything about what I deliver).

Given those short windows we have to *earn attention*, any prospector needs…

…an opener. A “hook”. ONE go-to line that:

1) Offers a relevant insight critical to your prospect’s success. One that shows they you get them, their role, their challenges, and – where possible – a challenge you can solve for them. An insight THEY care about.

2) Surprises, aka elicits an emotional reaction.

The right one can open door after door if delivered & deployed properly.

Odds are if we’re connected on LinkedIn – and you’re in a sales or marketing capacity – I’ve used a joke on you which I’ve also used in cold calls, cold emails.

I was always curious to know how people were reacting to my connection request that used this opener, so I conducted a little experiment at November’s SaaS North conference (remember those? Thanks Omicron!).

Results in video!


And yeah, I know some of you are going to steal this joke. Go for it, but I’d rather help you (or your team) craft something bespoke to your specific ICP – that REALLY resonates.

Planning a sales kickoff or meeting?

I’ve put together fun, practical options for yours! Feel free to pass this on to your leadership, or snag time on my calendar.