Apologies if the tone of this blog post is a bit more serious than you’re expecting.

Ten days ago, it dawned on me days ago that COVID-19 is a big deal and cancelled my trip to Mexico, which was to be my first proper, stress-free vacation in 5 years.

I booked it to fall in between two onsite workshops in other cities and just before another one at month-end.

I should be lying on Taco Beach right now, being plugged into nothing but the sun and surf.

Selfishly, I’m bummed. I needed a break from the day-to-day grind of being a solopreneur, working from home and – my mortal enemy – winter.

That said – perspective matters, and it’s hard to NOT have it right now. I’m over the cancellation, and will get over my self-inflicted burnout. After all, no one forced me to want to not work for you.

We’re hearing harrowing stories on a daily basis. Some are suffering, some are dying in isolation without a visit from loved ones.

Medical pros are in overdrive, working to ensure our collective health and safety. They’re dealing with the toughest test of their lives by putting themselves in harm’s way. I hope they can soon take my place on whatever their “beach in Mexico” is.

We’re collectively realizing the entire world is facing new, necessary realities and have no choice but to make the best and most of it.

I began seeing this as an opportunity and decided to double down on work. “My earning potential is hampered! I need to work harder!”.

I made a list of projects to “cross-off”: polishing off about 15 unfinished videos!  Writing new blog posts! Getting my administrative house in order. WRITE THAT BOOK! AMBITION!!!


It’s all come crashing down. I’ve been incredibly unproductive since accepting that not only am I not getting a real vacation, but my practice will really be tested on how to navigate the situation.

And that’s OK.

I was heading to Mexico because my brain felt like a bag of cold chicken fat. A re-charge is needed. I’ve decided to not beat myself up.

Others need to also decompress for a few and with so much in flux for so many.

Every company is going through the same thing as yours and is fumbling around in the dark whether they realize it or not.

This actually isn’t a bad time to take a moment to step back and let dust settle.

Normally, I’d feel guilty for spending a lot of my time polishing off streaming TV shows, yet I’m proud of the amount of I’ve consumed these last few days.

But there’s only so much I can sit at and passively stare at a screen.

While some are pushing through, others need to kick back, and hear what others are going through and learning from it.

We also need a new kind of inspiration.

Which is why I’m letting you about a virtual after work event, which I call:

“The Happy Sales Pro Learning and Networking Zoomy-Zoomy-Zoom-Zoom Hour”.

It’ll happen at 5:30pm daily over Zoom and is for my first degree connections. You’re (more than) encouraged to quaff a beverage of your choice (no presh).

I’ve never spoken with so many, and I love enabling new connections.

Everyone will introduce themselves, tell us their – and their company’s – story prior to and since COVID19.

We can share what teams are doing, how they’re proceeding, talk WFH motivation, observations, insights into prospect behavior or discuss whatever people feel like (except COVID19 – we need a break).

Who’s invited? Any rep, manager, or exec from SD, sales, customer success, sales enablement – and even you, Marketing!

Only catch is I want to limit it to five people per day so everyone’s heard.

If more want to partake, I’ll schedule more at different hours.

To join today’s, please direct message me on LinkedIn with the phrase “Zoomy Zoomy Zoom Zoom” AND your email address, and I’ll send you a calendar invite.

Now, get back to your kitchen table. WORK!

Also: Remain socially distant, and stay safe and healthy. Care for your loved ones. Be kind to others. And smile.