The S.K.O. Comedy Show

Transform some of your team into “SKOmedians”!

Your colleagues are funnier than you thought!

In 60 minutes your team will see & hear:

Post SKO, your team will get:


I’ll still craft 20-30 jokes that highlight your relevance to your prospects and deliver them after my keynote. 

You’ll still get a playbook and post-SKO, I’ll coach your team how to leverage the jokes in the cold outreach, demos, etc.

In one hour on your agenda, you'll get:

My keynote

I'll speak to your team on:
1) Humor's impact on prospects and sellers 2) What revenue professionals can learn from BAD stand-up comedians
3) Why we laugh at things

Team members (and/or me) delivering bespoke, persona-based jokes

After my keynote, I'll MC a comedy show where a handful of your team members deliver bespoke humor that highlights key business points you wish to impress upon your prospects. I'll close it down by delivering some of my own.

A post-SKO playbook & virtual coaching

After SKO's done, I deliver a playbook based on your 6 favorite icebreakers adapted to up to 4 channels/plays (i.e. for cold calls, cold emails, social selling, demos, discovery, etc.).
I'll follow it up with 4 hours coaching so reps can deploy this bespoke humor for maximum impact.

So what? Who cares? Why do this?

Your SKO agenda needs a boost

Fun, entertaining – yet insightful keynote, team-involvement, laughs, vulnerability, and silence  – what more can you want in one hour?

Some reps want to be challenged

The reps who “perform” their jokes receive my full workshop want to grow and develop.

You only have 30-60 minutes on the agenda

Your agenda’s full. SKO Comedy Show takes up a mere 30-60 minutes on your agenda.

Option: Tack on a “Cold Openers” workshop to give everyone a taste of the fun with this team-building workshop.

Standing out in prospecting efforts

Your cold  outreach doesn’t:

– Speak to your buyer’s needs and objectives
– Stand-out from the other ho-hum
– Elicit an emotional reaction from prospects

This is a fantastic remedy if your sequences and cold call scripts are stale and not working.

Onboarding new team members

Include some newer team members in the training & workshop leading up to SKO. They’ll download tribal knowledge about your target personas and walk away being able to express what problems you solve for who – in simple English.

Post-SKO Takeaways

After it’s over, your entire team will have access to the playbook, where 6 selected jokes are adapted for your particular go-to-market needs.

I include 4 coaching hours to ensure they can exploit this memorable messaging to drive maximum results.

The process:


I guide a handful of reps through my full training & workshop.

We’ll craft humor designed to highlight powerful business points to your buyers like the problems you solve, industry trends, or what makes your solution different.​


I’ll deliver my keynote to your team.

I'll then Emcee a "Comedy Show" starring the reps who went through the workshop.

I'll even craft 20-30 jokes that highlight the same key points, deliver them to close it out.​


We’ll build a playbook so your team can exploit the most impactful jokes (i.e. for cold calls, cold emails, LinkedIn connection requests, demos, discovery, etc.).

I'll follow it up with 4 hours coaching so reps can deploy this bespoke humor for maximum impact.​

Hear what sales leaders have to say about this:

Rik van Bruggen, RVP of Sales @ neo4j

Jason Wesbecher, CRO, TrustArc

SKO can also be used to launch a skills-building workshop for all or some of your team.

Either way, please click the button above to snag a convenient spot on my calendar!