“The team was so engaged, it was probably the only time that Microsoft people have shut down their laptops”
— Rekha Rao-Mayya, National Technical Director, Microsoft Canada
“If you can share a little bit of funny, even if it’s something that doesn’t come naturally to you, then you will really have a big impact on how you’re connecting with people.”
— Ashley Williams, Manager, Sales Force Effectiveness, Georgia Pacific
“We were overwhelmed with how the team responded to injecting humour into the sales function”
— Pete McChrystal, CEO, Accent technologies
“A nice little fresh perspective of adding humour to your sales process goes a long way”
— Don Wilcyznski, SVP Inside Sales, Fleetcor Technologies

"I've seen it all, done it all, been through so many sales training courses, I will honest say that this should be done by anyone who runs a sales team or has customer facing people. Cannot deny the value of humor in the sales process."

- Darryl Stork, Regional Sales Director, Zoho Corporation


"I'd recommend this to any organization that's looking for a team-building exercise, especially for (employees) that are public-facing."

- Lorne Goloff, VP Sales, CM Labs


"I've been to many different sales training sessions, but never have I been able to make it so human! And with your approach, inserting comedy makes it more human & more relatable. I thought it was very refreshing and would highly recommend you to anyone that's interested in looking at a new approach to their sales pitches.”

David Inzlicht, President, Proforce Personnel


“It was fantastic, fabulous....everybody was engaged. I'd recommend this to anyone working with startups. This session will improve how they pitch.”

- Mark Taylor, Shipbuilding Strategy Manager, Joint Economic Development Initiative (JEDI)

"Jon showed how it's so important to be human in the sales process! I'd recommend jon for a workshop, kickoff, or team building activity"

- Gary Smyth, President of Austin Chapter, AAISP


It was really neat to see (DMZ cohort) companies identify how to incorporate the humour for different settings & people, and practically using these jokes they created.

It was a really unique way for (our cohort companies) to think outside of the box and stand out....this was a really unique way to seperate them apart. I'd recommend this to any staryup, SMB, accelerators, or incubators that are looking to improve upon their pitch."

Yashin Shah, Startup Services Lead, The DMZ at Ryerson


"We’re dealing with a sensitive topic...Jon was very cognizant of that, and helped us identify places where we could insert humor, and explain our concepts in a more relatable manner."

Abhishek Gupta, Founder & CEO of AIfred