Justin Michael: Man, machine, or plant-based protein beverage?

No clue. Probably a mix of all of the above. The guy operates at a level I can’t fathom. He makes me realize “I don’t know what I don’t know, will probably never understand it, so I’ll just let him talk and nod politely”.

Which is why it was exciting to be his guest on his podcast that’s part of David Dulany‘s Tenbound media empire!

There’s an expression in comedy, whether you think you killed or bombed:

“You never did as well or as badly as you think you did”.

I do podcasts often enough, and sometimes I feel I nail it – only to listen back and I sound like a babbling bag of mayonnaise.

And other times, the opposite occurs.


Justin & I discuss:

1) Funnels. Comedians need – and hate needing – them as much as salespeople do!

2) How making it about your prospect/micro-audience helps you hit quota.

3) How when you see a pro comic, you’re essentially getting their year-in-review, share all their closed deals with you.

4) Why & how roasting your prospects’ pain triggers conversations because PSYCHOLOGY.

5) Why the process of writing jokes specifically for your prospects is valuable than the jokes themselves.

6) Why tech is stupid and matters less than we think.

7) Why personalization feels (to me) like charlatanism (even though i’m the one tricking reps into better understanding their prospects and why they matter to them).

Click that-there button below and enjoy!

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