I can dive into movies from my childhood with the best of them. The unintended consequence of re-enjoying them through a new lens is…FRESH CONTENT!

Look, most sales reps stink at articulating:

– Problems
– Impacts of not solving problems / cost of inaction
– The granular specifics of these impacts beyond “you’ll waste time & money”.

They often struggle to walk a rep through the “chain reaction” that a problem causes for their prospects.

Forty-four years ago, plots to superhero movies had more holes than comp plans sellers missing quota. Dated effects aside, Superman II (1980) starring Christopher Reeve is entertaining as hell.

Plot: Three Kryptonians (the “problem”!) seek to take over the earth (for no apparent reason whatsoever) but also enact revenge against Superman’s dad (who imprisoned them ages ago – get over it, losers!).

Their leader was General Zod, who insisted that everyone on earth “Kneel before Zod!” – like this post’s title get it?

All three possess the same powers as Superman – flight, strength, heat vision, and of course – super breath (underrated).

In the scene below, the 3 baddies simultaneously use their super breath to blow away EVERYTHING in their path (including citizens of Metropolis looking to protect their city).

Watch it – or don’t – and read on below.

The director demonstrated how devastating this power/problem is by filming hyper-specific situations (both comedic and serious) showcasing how key stakeholders (citizens of Metropolis) are impacted by it:

– A phone booth – with a guy in it – topples over…
….which smacks into a fire hydrant…
…and causes pressurized water to spray all over the place.

A car is pushed backwards..
…falls into a hole…
…and bursts into flames.

Another car goes airborn…
…and smashes into cargo crates…

These all showcase “Chain Reactions”.

– A TOUPEE flies off a man’s head (does anyone wear these anymore???)
– Ice cream is blown off someone’s cone onto a man’s face
– People panic, attempting to flee for their lives
– A firehose sprays all over the place
– People flee as they wind pushes them, hanging onto poles for dear life
– A newstand flips over


The “Chain reactions”, “Chaos” and “Dangers” paint brutal pictures of the cost of letting super-villains going unchecked.

The problems you solve for your clients also feature “Chain reactions”, “Chaos” and “Dangers”…

…which you need to unpack for prospects in GRANULAR DETAIL, to improve your cold outreach, discoveries, demos, storytelling.

Get GRANULAR.  Think of what happens when a problem goes unchecked.  What are all the steps and stuff that leads to wastages of time and money?