The unofficial name of my workshop is “Comedy Writing For Sales Teams”, and it sets the expectation that I’m always hilarious.

True fact. As I write this, my assistant is about to unknowingly sit on a whoopie cushion I placed on his chair.

The goals of my workshop are to help sales teams create statements which demonstrate their – and your company’s – credibility and make them memorable.

Often enough, I’m gruffly asked “What’s the ROI of what you do???”.

To be frank – no clue. None of my initial clients are currently measuring any of this, and no one’s developed an app to measure personality and human engagement.

The first two years of my practice were all about showing sales teams how comedy writing process builds subject matter understanding, and how both it and the jokes which come out of it can help sales reps show prospects they understand the problems they face, their impacts, and how they can solve those problems.

However, I have a couple of stock jokes which have helped me connect with 2900 LinkedIn contacts, kick off countless cold call conversations. Some of those calls converted into my clients. Seems clear to me.

(PS: Odds are if we connected on LinkedIn, I used one of them on you! Review our correspondence, and if you don’t recognize it, drop me a line and I’ll send it over to you).

One of those clients was Ryerson University’s DMZ, a Toronto tech accelerator (put your hack military joke away).

I spent a day helping six startup founders “punch up” their pitches, and DMZ Sr. Director Hussam Ayyad vouched for what I do & how I do it in a video testimonial.

It’s the last video on my testimonials page.

That said, as Comedy Writing for Sales Teams (aka “Funny Enough”) heads into its third year, I’m looking to implement more meaningful programs that ensure that SDRs & AEs can effectively deploy humor to start conversations, have better ones, and that where possible, the results can be tracked. Cold outreach is an easy spot. Get in touch if you think it could uplift your team’s results.