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Just enough blog content that you might learn something and actually laugh in the process (gasp).

The improbable blog

My musings on sales and stand-up comedy.

Kneel Before Blog!

I can dive into movies from my childhood with the best of them. The unintended consequence of re-enjoying them through a new lens is…FRESH CONTENT!

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Know Your Audience & Drum Puns

SNL Alum Fred Armisen released a Netflix comedy Special called “Stand-Up for Drummers”. Can you guess who his audience is? Your chance of answering correctly

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Build those callouses…

When Elon Musk bought Twitter, my go-to joke (for a day) was “$44 BILLION??? I *knew* I should’ve invented Twitter.” Was it funny? NOT funny??

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An Important Distinction

Since launching what is now known as “Comedy Writing for Revenue Teams” in 2017, there’s been a lot of misconceptions around what I do. 1)

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